The sum of details generates excellence.

Located in Mendoza, Argentina, in one of the best wine regions in the world, sheltered by the monumental mountain range of the Andes and surrounded by 30 hectares of Malbec, our winery has been created. The effort and passion to create high quality wines allow us to use the latest technologies to satisfy the most demanding markets.

Our quality comes from grapes Harvested in the heights of the Andes, with variations ranging from 3,600 to 4,300 feet above sea level.

All the magic of the Uco Valley in a bottle. Enjoy the experience


Juan Carlos Chavero

The specialized press considers that it is one of the most outstanding winemakers of Argentine viticulture. From the moment he talks about viticulture, since the days when his father, Ramón Chavero, transmitted his passion for wines.

El Terroir que elegimos para edificar nuestra bodega se encuentra en una zona de Mendoza que se destaca por la calidad de su suelo y por una envidiable amplitud térmica, condiciones perfectas para el crecimiento de viñedos premium.

Tampoco hay que olvidarse de los 4.000 metros de altura sobre el nivel del mar, la pureza de su agua y la gran cantidad de días soleados, otros factores claves que se conjugan para brindarle la denominada tipicidad a las uvas que luego se convertirán los característicos vinos de esta Región.

The founder / Alejandro Ferllen.

He is an innovative entrepreneur born in Mendoza (Argentina), who for more than 20 years has pursued the dream of reviving the family tradition of making wines. Although that passion originated in France, at the beginning of 1900 it moved to Mendoza, a terroir where the surname Ferllen was rooted in the vitiviniculture of the time.